Managing Director

Michael Truong, PhD

Michael draws expertise from a number of scientific and engineering disciplines. After obtaining a BSc in Physics from the University of Waterloo, he travelled to the UK to complete a doctoral degree in Imaging Sciences & Biomedical Engineering at King's College London. His PhD thesis was titled 2D-3D Registration of Cardiac Images, which described two novel catheter-based registration algorithms for overlaying preoperative 3D MR or CT data onto intraoperative X-ray fluoroscopy, and fusing anatomical data onto clinical images. The work was intended for use in cardiac catheterisation procedures, and led to a number of publications. 2D-3D image registration is the algorithmic problem underpinning augmented reality.

Throughout the course of his studies, Michael also worked for a number of engineering firms, designing micro-controlled electronics circuits for medical devices, RF communication and X-ray imaging systems.

ARTechs was set up two years ago by Michael Truong after making it to the grand finals of the King’s Lion’s Den Challenge. Having completed a PhD in medical imaging at KCL, Michael decided to apply these imaging technologies to the arts and cultural sector.